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Are you tired of losing the same 20, 30, 40 lbs or more?

Break-thru the FAT so it NEVER comes back with Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert! Are you tired of FOOD RUNNING YOU? Most of the weight we hold on our body can be emotional weight, showing up in physical form.  Get my FREE E-Book with 3 Power Questions that will help you stick to any weight loss plan. I truly paid a weight loss coach $2500 in 1994 for this amazing single tip that I continue to use every single day. I now wear a size 6 instead of size 16! Are you ready to lose the weight and keep it off for good?


Emotional is the 1st part of the weight-balancing act. Most of the weight you hold on your body is emotional weight showing up in physical form. Through my special tools, methods and techniques, we can release you from the ties that bind you to the food. Once the emotional charge is gone, so go the food cravings! It is that simple! You can now be forever free from food bondage, pain and embarrassment, and keep that weight off for good. Together we can get your life back so you can start living! Quick Release Sessions are a fast way to knock out a food craving. Get it here:

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Let's talk about what is keeping you stuck.  Answer a few questions and if I can help you, I will contact you very soon!


The SPIRITUAL Piece is very much an important part of to weight-balancing.
We all have a higher consciousness that guides us and give us direction and inspiration. When we learn ways to access that on a daily basis and receive the real help we truly need, our struggles seem to dissolve and go by the wayside. It's truly remarkable how this can change your life and make everything better.
Balance is everything! How would your life be better if you had the Emotional, Spiritual and Physical parts all working together in perfect harmony?  Let's chat about what this could like for you!  

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It's not about the food until it's about the food.

You know you should stop eating XXX, but you just can't seem to change your food habits.
We would like a simple solution. Discovering what works best for you is what will make it more simple, if not  easy.
I can help you devise a plan that is just as unique as you are.  We can talk about this.  If you wish to Jump Start Your Weight Loss, click here on the link and answer a few questions. If, I think I can help you, I will contact you for a FREE, but very VALUABLE consultation.

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Let's get to the bottom of what's eating you!

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